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Networking means an interconnection between multiple devices, which is defined as a host, connecting using numerous different paths to send or to receive the data. There are three types of networks namely as LAN, MAN and WAN. LAN is a local area network which can only be accessible within the building or campus with the help of Cables, Modems and Routers, whereas MAN is Metropolitan area network which covers the entire school or a city by using cables like fibre optics and high-speed carriers. WAN is a wide area network which includes a large geographical area with the help of satellites and leased lines. WAN is also termed as the Internet. Two more types of systems are there namely wired and wireless network. The radio waves have been used to deliver the data and the packets over the air without any help of cables but using satellite, Bluetooth and microwave. Wireless networks provide more speed, secured as well as reliability than the wireless systems.

Computer networks have the requirement of Switches, Routers, Bridges, Hubs and access point (wireless) to deliver the data correctly and securely. The topologies for the network consist of Star, Bus, Ring, Mesh and Daisy Chain to interconnect with each other. The networking students need to know all these in depth about functions and how they are connected. The configuration of IP addressing and the sub netting mask should be in a proper way to establish any network. Sometimes the students have to submit the assignments and projects based on the network configuration and the setup for the same in such a manner to justify it adequately. Many times student fails to submit those in time or submit inappropriate behaviour and finally scores lower grades which affect their academic marks. DMG Solution provides those students with a point to point writing toward the assignment and helps in creating and expertise writing. DMG Solution makes the difference from other by submitting the projects and the tasks with plagiarism free and within the deadline. The justification and the rules followed are complete as per the guidelines of the university. The assignment s done by the writers are expert in a particular domain and delivers quality and innovative ideas. DMG Solution provides an accurate analysis and the strategies applied by the writers in the assignments and projects are identical.

To be a good network engineer, a student must know about networks, but sometimes they fail to display in spite of having a good experience. DMG Solution is there to pull those students to get proper assistance by solving the assignments and the projects with maintaining the appropriate guidance and in a suitable manner to submit those for scoring good academic marks. DMG Solution also explains the Master level Assignments, and students can avail those by clicking just a single click. Students can get the assignments with a reasonable price in their mailbox and can get assistance 24×7 from DMG Solutions.

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