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Constitutional Law is the body of doctrines, practices and the rules which govern the operations of civil communities or group. In the modern era, it is more important that a political community is being a state and the modern law of the constitution is the progeny of nationalism and the ideas which states protection to few fundamental rights of an individual. As the political and the social issues develop and changes, the lawyers who mainly exercise the constitutional laws are bringing the questions and the problems to the court asking for an explanation about the significance, enforcement, and interpretation in the constitution. Major fields in the constitution and its explanation-

  • Due process: Due process is the views that the government cannot take property and liberty without a judicial procedure which is absolutely fair.
  • Commerce clause: Many of the federal government have the legislative authority that comes through the commerce clause of the constitution.
  • Freedom to speech: The government cannot limit any people right to assemble, speak and practice. The government should be in limited restrictions and time on a speech.

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