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Financial accounting is the main and crucial part of financial management. This is most structured as well as a specialized sector to study under financial management. This is the specialized process in accounting which help to keep and maintain track of different financial transaction of the company or organization. The concept of financial accounting involves different procedures and guidelines of GAAP, FASB and SEC which is very complex in nature. Students find it sometimes difficult to memorize all the laws, procedures and guidelines. They cannot remember always the several complex terms that are used in this study, hence students find it difficult to complete their assignment alone. DMG Solution, therefore, provides a helpful guide for preparing this assignment. DMG Solution helps the students with their assignment from the country like USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand in financial accounting sector.

There are many areas which are complicated in financial accounting study. It handles several issues regarding the financial statements as a routine schedule. The nature of financial accounting is considered to be external as the statement of different affairs of the company serves the people who are outside of the organization. The concept of financial accounting helps the student to understand the process of income and expenditure system, statement of profit and loss, evaluate the system of bank reconciliation and examine the total balance sheet of an organization or company. With its vast and wide application in other sectors, financial accounting has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Financial accounting helps to record and maintain all the financial transaction with a systematic and standard manner in accounts book.
  • It helps to maintain the book or journal and ledger behalf of the organization and company.
  • It helps to compare the profit of the last financial year with the profit in the current financial year.
  • Organization and company follow different procedure and guidelines of financial accounting concept which help them to be standardized.
  • It also provides helps in taxation matter.


  • The system of financial accounting only records the transaction which is monetary and financial.
  • Financial accounting system only considers the concept of cost and avoids the concept of changes in price according to time.
  • It does not present and examine any real information.
  • Sometimes accounting statements and procedures are affected by personal affairs, it creates several problems.

There are also different areas which are involved in financial accounting. It basically works with the area of the statement of profit and loss, statement of cash flow and balance sheet. With these advantages and disadvantages of financial accounting and its different procedure students struggle to complete their assignment in the right way. DMG Solution provides an excellent service to complete and prepare their assignment without any delay. DMG Solution has more than 400 expert writers and serves the students from countries like the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The assignment on financial accounting at DMG Solution is easier to understand and not plagiarized. The costs for this online assignment service are also cheap and pocket-friendly at DMG Solution.

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