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The area of geography basically works with the environment and different area within which human being acts. Geography depicts the study about the environment which is diversified in nature, different places, the surface of the earth and its interaction with human beings. Geography, therefore, a multidisciplinary subject as it studies about the climate, places, solar system as well as human behaviour in that area. It is more difficult to understand each and every aspect of these different areas in a proper way. Students sometime couldn’t make their own time to study each area and hence face a problem with their assignments. DMG Solution helps each and every student with their geography assignment in a detailed and easy manner. Experts at DMG Solution with their creativity in writing make it possible to complete geography assignment which will help students to score high marks.

The concept of Geography tries to set a relationship up between environment and human being and study about their interaction and behaviour according to that interaction. The students need to possess professional knowledge to show their expertise while preparing their geography assignment. DMG Solution tries their level best to help students from a country like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand with detailed content in this area. The ancient practice of geography states that the name was coined by the Greek community almost 2500 years ago. The term ‘GEO’ and ‘graphein’ indicates the combination of factors which means the description of the earth.

Geography studies about the different atmosphere and its region. There are six layers or regions of the atmosphere. They are-

Troposphere- this is the lowest level of the atmosphere. People are living on this layer and it includes the weather like snow, cloud and rain.

Stratosphere- it is the upper layer of the troposphere. It consists of ozone within its layer. The temperature is very high because of the radiation of the ultraviolet ray.

Mesosphere- this is the next layer where the temperature basically decrease. The minimum temperature could be minus 90-degree centigrade.

Thermosphere- it is the upper level of the mesosphere. The temperature is very high in this layer.

Exosphere- it consists of hydrogen atoms and oxygen. They are very few in an amount within this layer hence they couldn’t collide with each other.

Magnetosphere- this contains a huge amount of magnet. It traps protons and electrons within their bands.

There are two key areas within which basically the area of geography basically exists.

Human Geography- it involves the different kind of human culture, their behaviour, attitudes and its impact on the environment as well as earth. Human geography study about different political and economic systems within a definite environment.

Physical Geography- it studies about different natural resources such as air, land, water and the surface of the earth.

The study about the concept of Geography, therefore, consists of a different area of the environment and earth. Student’s sufferers from dilemmas while preparing their assignment. DMG Solution, therefore, provides each and every student for the preparation of the specialized and non-plagiarized assignments with very low costs.

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