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What is geometry?

Geometry is said to be as the fourth course respected to mathematics in schools which guides through the lines, points, angles, planes, triangles, parallel lines, trigonometry, similarity, circles, area, transformation, and quadrilaterals. Basically, Geometry is completely about the shapes and characteristics of them. Geometry can be divided into two categories- Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry. Plane geometry defines the flat shapes such as circles, lines, and triangles that mean the shape which can be drawn on a paper. Whereas Solid Geometry is the object of three dimensions like prisms, cube, sphere, and cylinders. To find areas, volumes, length, angles and discover any pattern, Geometry can be used. Geometry can be applied to different fields including architecture, art, and physics and also in mathematics.

Geometry can be classified into categories and the subcategories.

  • Differential Geometry: It uses the process of linear algebra, calculus to examine the problems of it. It has different applications in physics, which includes general relativity.
  • Computational Geometry: The Computational geometry is dealing with algorithms with their implementation for manipulation in the geometric objects. It includes different applications like image processing, design in computer-aided, medical imaging, computer vision, etc
  • Discrete Geometry:  Basically, it focuses mainly on the questions of position relatively of simple and clear geometric objects like lines, points, and circles. It follows the principle of combinators.
  • Euclidean geometry: It deals with the classical sense. The major and the most priority in the education of geometry deals with the study of lines, planes, points, congruence, solid figures, triangles, angles, circles, solid figures, similarity, and analytic geometry. Euclidean geometry has major applications in crystallography and computer science and modern mathematics.
  • Convex Geometry: It is mainly concerned with the convex shapes in Euclidean space, using the techniques of real analysis. It has a very close connection to functional analysis, optimization and convex analysis and much more theory regarding number theory.
  • Algebraic Geometry: Algebraic Geometry includes the study using algebraic techniques like multivariate polynomials. It deals with many applications like string theory and cryptography.
  • Topology: It is the field which is concerned with the attributes of a geometric object which can be unchanged by the help of continuous mappings. It often deals with the compactness and connectedness.

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