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History and Historiography

History is the word which came from the word historia, a Greek word. It means knowledge gathered by an investigation. Basically, History is the review of the human past and encloses a broad scope of objects that can be general people, event, societies, cultural practices, and economics along with their habits. Thus, as the immense syllabus is been covered in the subject History and the students are required to learn as well as remember the things as a whole.  History can be classified into different categories based on region, religion, military, cultural, social, environmental, diplomatic, world, economic, people, and gender, intellectual and public.

  • Region: The regions include the history of Australia, Antarctica, Africa, America (North America, Central America, Caribbean, and South America), Asia, Europe, East Asia, Eurasia, Middle East, India, and South Asia.
  • Religion: The history of religion includes both religious and secular for centuries. The major journals consist of Catholic History, Church History, and Religion.
  • Military: It is the concern with strategies, battles, warfare, psychology, and weapons.
  • Cultural: It replaces the social history. It is the combination of anthropology approaches and the history of language, cultural interpretation, and cultural traditions.
  • Social: It is the history of common people along with their strategies with the institutions to copy in life.
  • Environmental: The environmental history deals with the long run an influence of human actions.
  • Diplomatic: Diplomatic History consists of the relationship between the nations and diplomacy along with the reason for the wars.
  • World: World History defines the research in significant citizens over 3000 years ago. It is basically a teaching field than research field.
  • Economic: It consists of individual business and its methods, labor relations, government regulations and the influence in the society.
  • People: People’s History is basically a historical work that efforts to the accounts for any historical occurrence but from the viewpoint of a common people.
  • Gender: Gender history contains the sub-field of Gender studies and History.
  • Intellectual: It concentrates on the intellectuals along with their books on one hand and the study about the ideas on the other.
  • Public: It consists of a wide range of work started by the people with few of the training who work outside of specific academic surroundings.

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