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Human Resource, popularly known as HR is a person within the organization who maintains and motivate with creative ideas to increase the production for a particular organization. HR management is generally associated with recruitment and employee management to maintain a great workforce. Human Resource team manages both the employment as well as the employees to construct the team to evolve the performance of the company. Human Resource generally focuses on major areas like:

  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Learning and Training
  • Employee relations and Labor
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Development of organization

Due to different areas in the management of Human Resource, it is basically for the profession posing specific professionalism in multiple areas. Few of the areas are mentioned below:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Benefit specialist
  • Manager in Employment service
  • Specialist in Training & Development
  • Benefit counselor
  • Manager in Training & Development
  • Personnel analyst
  • Specialist in Job analysis and Compensation
  • HR Generalist

For most of the organization and business, the department of HR is responsible for:

  • Managing recruitment, promotion, and selection
  • Developing the benefits of the employees
  • Promoting, developing and enforcing the policies.
  • Promoting the development employee career along with job training
  • Providing proper guidance to the disciplinary actions
  • Serving the primary contact to work-site accidents and injuries
  • Providing complete orientation programs for new hiring.

HR Management is all about:

  • Addressing the concern for the current employees
  • Acquisition of new employees
  • Managing the separation process for the employees
  • Improving morale

There are more department falls under the Human Resource which is completely managed by them to run the organization in a proper and smooth way.
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