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What is marketing mix in Marketing Assignment?

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products in the market. It has always been referred to as the critical area of working with the number of resources provided. Good planning and strategizing the promotion of sales, advertisement and publicity have to be used for a better approach of marketing. Therefore the assignment on marketing mix deals with the tools of the mix of the marketing for the usage of enhancing the strength, abilities of the strategy related to marketing. The mix of marketing helps a company or a particular organization in supporting the procedure of marketing and making the marketing process curb with the loss, establishing a smooth operation and feasibility. The tools of the mix of marketing are promotion, product, price, and place. According to the tools the points which the experts of the DMG Solution have to cover in each tool are:
Price: the necessities which the experts have to cover would be:



  • Strategy of pricing
  • Discounts on volumes
  • Suggesting the price of retail
  • Discounts on early payments and cash.



Promotion: the necessities which the DMG Solution covers are:



  • Promotion of sales
  • Strategies related to the promotion
  • Advertising
  • Selling personally



After covering the necessities mentioned above the experts also covers the key elements which must be included in the promotion. The key elements which have to be covered are people, evidence of physical and process.
Product: here the experts of the DMG Solution covers the two categories. The first category comprises of three levels of product which are:

  1. Product of augmented
  2. The real product
  3. The product related to core

The second category deals with decision making regarding the product, which are:

  1. Packaging
  2. Styling
  3. Quality
  4. Name of the brand
  5. Safety
  6. Functions of the product.

Area or place: the area or place where the products could be sold is important as the distribution and production of products are done in that area or place. Area or place is very important regarding the factor that the production of raw materials should be nearest to the area thus saving the cost of transportation. The stored products are kept near the market for the betterment of retail. The experts of the DMG Solution have to cover the points regarding the area or place, which are:

  1. Processing of the order
  2. Warehousing
  3. Coverage of the market
  4. Specifying the member of the channels
  5. Transportation

The points and the sub-points that have been mentioned in the mix of the marketing are the important parts that have to be covered in the assignment on the marketing mix. DMG Solution which is a highly professionalized and one of the leading companies in the field of academic content writing ensures the fact of assimilating an accurate, easy to understand assignment regarding the topic of the mix of the marketing which would be assimilated in a systematic manner. The price of the assignments is kept reasonable enough so that they could be afforded by each and every student. DMG Solution extends its help to the students by being available 24/7 to solve their queries online. The company goes by the policy of cent percent no plagiarism and completing the assignments within the proposed time so that the students get time to prepare the assignment and present it to the mentors.

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