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An operating system also termed as OS is actually an interface or a platform between the hardware and the software. It is a complete set of specific programs which can be used to handle the complete operations and resources of the system. Operating System is a special software application which controls as well as monitors the performance of every program in the computers and other system software. The main functionalities of an OS are as follows:

  • Provides a proper interface for using the system and a mediator between hardware and the users for easy access to the resources.
  • Memory Management: Keep each and every detail of the primary memory.
  • Processor management: Attaches the processor or CPU to a system and detaches the CPU when not required.
  • File Management: Allocates as well as deallocates all the resources
  • Device Management: Keeps every record and the information regarding devices, also knowns as I/O Controller
  • Multitasking: A computer can perform multiple tasks at a time as OS arranges the memory to allow different programs to perform.
  • Spooling: A process used to process various tasks on one I/O device sharing the same resource in a network. OS stores the individual data temporarily and executes the task one by one.
  • Virtual Memory: OS uses the technique to allow a user to load any larger program than main memory. In this process, the program is been executed even the main memory is not been loaded inside it to lead an effective memory utilization.

The common operating system is Windows, Linux, and Mac OS which are generally used in a desktop system.

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