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Assignment help on social science refers to systematic persuasion based on knowledge regarding validation and evidence. The experts of the DMG Solution highlight and explain the parts of social science. The parts are:

  • History refers to the study of the past of the human being. The study refers to various things like places, memories, events, myths, and people. The sub-parts of history are:
  1. History of military dealing with campaigns of military and wars
  2. History of political depicts changes in the politics
  3. History of social referring  to the huge concept of society
  4. History of economics and ideas dealing with the changes in the economy and the ideas which were introduced at that time.
  • Science related to political dealing with the practices and theories of governance, activities, and behavior related to politics. The sub-parts are:
  1. Theory of politics and politics of comparativeness depicts the concept of law, rights, democracy, justice, and freedom. The comparison of various types of military, social, capital and communist is depicted in the politics of comparativeness.
  2. Relations related to international and administration of public law depicts to the study of different types of nations and their relationships. Administration of public law is based on different types of institutions related to legal which forms the base of the framework of administration.
  • Philosophy is a study related to human beings facing certain problems. The sub-parts of the philosophy are:
  1. Aesthetics refers to the beauty of nature and ideas
  2. Logic depicts the principles of reasoning related to philosophy
  3. Ethics is differentiating between right and wrong
  4. Epistemology relates to the science and system of knowledge
  5. Metaphysics refers to the study of basic features related to the reality of the human being
  • Anthropology is studying humans in different societies. The sub-parts of anthropology are:
  1. Linguistics of anthropological
  2. Anthropology related to social
  3. Anthropology related to culture
  4. Anthropology related to social
  • Linguistics is the study of the working of languages like the form of languages, the meaning of languages and many more. The sub-parts are:
  1. Semantics depicts the meaning of particular words
  2. Phonetics refers to the studying of speech
  3. Phonology is studying the sounds.
  • Archaeology depicts to the study of time periods and past of human beings.

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