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Defining taxation laws

Taxation is one of the most important things of any country, and it stresses on the taxation laws, which emphasizes on detailed study of the point on union of the state and the citizens of the nation. Taxation laws are set of legal rules that are in practice by states to calculate the amount of taxes the citizens need to pay. The concept of taxation law is one of the broad concepts and it does have several types that come under the laws of taxation. The probable impact that the non-paying of the taxes will result on the taxpayers as well as the society as a whole. This includes a wider aspect of the laws, their application as well as assistance to the taxpayers.

Every federal, state and local governments makes use of the taxation laws that encompasses wealth tax, corporate and capital tax, income tax, tax on goods and services, tax on property and so on. This set of laws is imposed on every citizens of any particular nation. The laws for taxation are same for all one the tax rate differs as it depends on the income rate of the individual. Taxes that are imposed by the legislature, provides with the assurance of accurate calculations in the taxation amount, the rate of accuracy in strictly maintained by the government. The legislature guarantees effective and efficient methods in case of collection of the payments with due accordance to the rights and the interest of the citizens.

Types of taxation laws

There are several types of taxation laws which are imposed on the citizens of the nation by the government are as follows:

  • Wealth tax
  • Corporate and capital tax
  • Income tax
  • Tax on goods and services
  • Tax on property


Wealth tax: The amount every earning citizens of any particular nation needs to pay to the government annually.

Corporate and capital tax: It is the payable amount that every commercial organizationneeds to pay to the government annually.

Income tax: It is the certain amount that all the individual needs to pay, though the payable amount depends on the rate of income of the individual.

Tax on goods and services: It is the amount each and every individual needs to pay on purchase of any goods or services, for a single time.

Tax on property: It is the very amount every individual needs to pay to the government if they hold possession of property. The amount charged by the government is not the same for all citizens; it differs for person-to-person in accordance to the property.

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