Reading speed is such a problem that is faced by many of us. Many people are there who can manage themselves in writing in English, but they lack reading speed. Slow reading speed is one of the barriers of our understanding of the English language.  Once a person becomes master of reading a piece of English passage in proper a speed that means the person has a good grip over the language. People often try to find out many ways to increase their reading speed.

Sub-vocalization: We often commit a common mistake that is while we are reading we do subvocalization. This is one of the reasons for our slow reading speed. Sub-vocalization is the process of speaking the words in our mind while we read. It is one of the biggest obstacles in enhancing the reading speed. To increase the speed of reading, we must start to stop these inner monologues consciously.

Reread: another mistake that many of us commit is to reread a sentence or words. Many people tend to read again and again the same words of a page as they thought it helps them to grip over the idea of the text. Our eyes continuously go back to the previous words, and we often miss the lines we are reading. To prevent this mistake, one can use their finger as the pointer.

Read many words: To increase the speed, we read the bulk of words at a time. It is not the actual process of reading. Reading many words at a single breath creates a barrier of understanding.

Not using peripheral vision: we often try to read all the words that are in a sentence which take time. Instead of that, we must try to read a sentence at a time. One must use one’s peripheral vision at the time of reading any piece of writing. It helps us to grow our understanding and take less time to read a passage.These are some of the mistakes we commit several times while we are reading a passage. One must carefully avoid all these mistakes while reading any passage. “Practice makes a man perfect”, this idiom is correct in this case. Regular practice of these habits helps one to increase reading speed as well as an understanding of the passage.

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