Research proposal refers to a document that gives a brief idea about the dissertation that is to be followed later. The research proposal is the “proposed research” that is to be followed.  A research proposal identifies the problem that needs to be addressed.   The main three chapters that are written in a proposal are “introduction”, “literature review”, “and methodology”. The first section that comes is a “title page”. The title page must be short and descriptive. DMG Solution provides the best research proposals as it follows the demands of the agency and maintains them accordingly.  The next section that comes up is an “abstract”. An abstract summarizes the whole proposal.   The next page that is given in the “research proposal” is a “table of contents”.  This is on the third page of the research proposal and contains the important sections that each page has.  A “table of contents” gives an index that lists what each page of the proposal contains. The next section that comes is an “introduction”.“Introduction”  talks about the whole research proposal. An “introduction” gives a brief introduction about the topic and talks about the section that is to be followed later on in the research proposal. The introduction contains the subsections of “background”, “research aim”, “research objective”, research questions” and “rationale”.  The next section in the “introduction” is that follows is having a problem statement.  The problem statement in the “introduction” briefly states the problem that the topic faces.  The issues related to the topic are mentioned in the “problem statement”.  The next chapter after “introduction” is the “literature review”. “Literature review” refers to literary journals and books and gives a literature-based review.The “literature review” chapter consists of “introduction”, “historical background”, an “empirical study” and gap of the literature review.  In “literature review”, the literary references are mentioned in detail so that the student can easily understand. Literature review refers to all the topics that were mentioned while doing the research. After literature review, comes the next chapter “research methodology”. The “research methodology” consists of different subsections like method outline, “research onion”, “research approach”,  “research methodology”, “research design”, “data collection method” ethics and limitations related to the research proposal. Research methodology talks about different philosophies. The research methodology is important as it shows the methods used.  DMG Solution writes the appropriate research proposals which include research methodology for their agents and makes sure that they are meaningful and correct. The writers of DMG solution complete methodology and literature review by doing extensive research on the topics. DMG solution also makes sure that the proposal is not false and copied from anywhere, and the methodology is appropriate.

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