Essay assignments in college are not that easy as students thought it would be. Content must show how well a student understood the topic and how much he/she is capable of showing creativity. In this situation, the students think “how to make the essay better?” Here are some tricks which will help you to write an excellent essay and also it will take less time to finish it.

Essay plan:

Time management is the most critical factor in essay writing. First, you have to organize a time-frame and start writing an essay as early as possible after given by the professor. In the essay plan, you need an introduction, body and conclusion. Though the essay structure is straightforward; however when you get into detail you can get confused “what to write?” and “what not?”

Writing guide:

  1. Introduction: Universities provide the guidelines to students, and it needs to be followed to meet the standards. The guides are normally quite general and not too much helpful. So here are some practical tips which can help you to write the introduction part. The first start with statistics, when you show statistics in your writing, it always catches the reader’s attention. However, in the paper, you need to mention the references for those for all the facts. You can even start with a quote when you don’t have a powerful sentence to attract the reader. Moreover, the quote needs to be relevant to the topic. After quotes and statistics, you need to provide background information that helps readers to understand the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the central heart of an essay. Therefore you need to make strong opinions before writing the article. Statement of the thesis must be strong so that it convinces readers to read the paper.
  2. Body: After you are done with the introduction, you will get the foundation for the paragraphs in the body. You have to write one main argument that proves the thesis statement in each of the three sections. After the cases provided by you, you can prepare for the conclusion.
  3. Conclusion: Few arguments are hanging in the air, but you have to help readers form a complete opinion in the conclusion section. In the conclusion section, do not try to portray new ideas as there won’t be enough space. Try not to repeat the same thing you have already written in the essay. Use vivid language and focus on the points related to your understanding of the issue. End with a rhetorical question which makes the readers think. Add symmetry to the essay, in this approach if you wrote a quote in the introduction then give another relevant quote in conclusion. You need to highlight why your viewpoint makes sense and how the essay can tackle the seriousness of your issue.

Moreover, use simple language and try to show confidence in your writing and don’t spice up things with unnecessary complexity. Try to follow all these tips for achieving in writing an interesting essay and attract your reader.

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