Dissertation projects are an integral part of the undergraduate and master’s degree. Moreover, it is the most robust and most extended project which students have to do. Proper planning is required while writing this kind of a lengthy piece of work. If the student is master in preparation, then he/she can do finish the job in time. There is a standard structure of dissertation which includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and conclusion. The introduction part helps to describe the questions which have been chosen by the student for exploration. The literature review part the student needs to give a review of the literature, and the findings can be done from previously published work. Methodology part is important where students have written about methodology which has been used by the student for research and writing process. The discussion part consists of findings by the students and how they find the result and how done effect goes in favor of the arguments. The conclusion part is the last part of the dissertation where the student will explain everything precisely and with confidence regarding whatever he/she has explored and believes in about topic research question. Organising the available time is the crucial part while writing a dissertation. Projects which are related to research take a sufficient amount of the student’s available time. Therefore, the student needs to manage their time in the right way to get the highest result.

Majority of students efficiently don’t manage their time, which leads to failure while generating results the students are looking for. Students can divide their time for completing certain portions which help them to achieve different small parts within a specified period slowly. These way students can automatically generate some targets, and within the estimated time they can finish the work. While working on a dissertation, a lot of research will be required that will be used throughout the process. Ready sources can save a lot of time for students. Therefore, once the research work started the students must look for authentic sources which can be obtained from library books, printed books, online sources, college sources, and mentors references. This kind of information will enable students to start a continuous process of writing. Patience is an essential factor while doing a dissertation, as it is a lengthy work and it cannot be done overnight and demands lots of time. Students need to be patient as it takes a longer time to find the answers to the questions popping in their mind. In the end, the combination of time, organisation, resources and patience will lead a student to achieve a desirable result. Planning plays the most critical role while doing the dissertation and they can even seek some assistance from experts for completing the thesis efficiently.

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