Philip Kotler was a great economist, who discovered a model that recognises the levels of need for the customers. There are mainly five types of needs that are mentioned in the model. This model also identifies and states that the products are mainly the means to satisfy the needs of the customers. This model is also known as “cost transformation model” as this model deals with the needs of the customers and their needs are directly related to the costs of the products present in the market. The customers who can afford their needs can turn that into demand and buy the product from the market by purchasing it. This model states that the products are manufactured by the marketers to sell in the market and the cost must be reasonable so that the customer’s purchase that good and use them otherwise the product won’t have any value. DMG SOLUTION always provides its services with reasonable costs and tries to meet the needs of the clients.

The model states that customers choose products based on a degree of satisfaction. The five levels are recognized as “core benefit, generic products, expected products, augmented products and potential products”. The needs are the main factors that influence the decision of the customers with respect to choosing their goods or services from there market. DMG SOLUTION provides the satisfaction to the customers and maintains their cost base so that the goodwill is maintained and the goodwill is also generated with the high sale of services. The needs are divided into five parts first is based on the cost then the expectation of customers can be agreed or disagreed.DMG SOLUTION assigns work that has Philip Kotlerfive level product model and has a better opportunity for the employees to grow. The goods and services that have a reasonable cost can improve the marketing and sales in the market. The assignments completed by DMG Solution are done by experts and therefore they are completely valid and proper so the customers are satisfied and cost for the projects is also reasonably charged. This model helps customers to look at the product with their beneficial requirements and compare the requirements with the cost of that product. The value of the goods is denoted and aligned by the customers for usage and product structure that are optimized with common components of that product.

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