Marketing mix is a portal that involves four P’s in it. The four P’s are product, place, price and promotion. Marketing mix provides the business factors that can help in dividing the tasks according to the categories. The task can be carried on easily if that is divided into several parts. The main concern of the business is to attract customers by providing quality products. Each element used in the marketing mix has a direct connection with customers and products that are produced by the manufacturers. The marketing mix provides manufacturers with an efficient strategy to improve their products and enlarge their customer base. The other elements of marketing mix like promotion are also connected to a product as the promotion is done to have a good sale of the manufactured product in the market. DMG SOLUTION follows a better strategy with the help of a marketing mix.The marketing mix was discovered to help manufacturers but the ultimate priority was to satisfy the customers need. The products are manufactured and are used by the customers so the satisfaction of customers should be taken into consideration. DMG SOLUTION focuses on the customers/clients needs and works accordingly. The product can be a service or physical item that can be offered by the manufacturer in the marketing mix. The goods or services that are offered in the marketing mix must be useful to the customers and also should have a good reputation to make a better sales margin and have a better stake in the market. The goods must be designed in such a way that it attracts attention in the market and improve the sale that can ultimately enhance the profitability margin of the organizations. DMG SOLUTION has better decision-making skills and provides services with efficient skills and methods.

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